July 22, 2019

Common Electrical Problems In The Home

Author:  Kirk Lam

Whether you’re renting or you’ve bought, at some point in your life you’ll experience electrical problems in your home.

They may seem small enough, but a small electrical problem today could turn out to be a bigger, damaging one tomorrow. Flickering lights, electrical appliances which don’t work and surges in power are all signs that things aren’t as they should be.

Common Electrical Problems In The Home

Electrical shock from sockets and light switches

If you switch on a light or plug an appliance into an electrical socket and receive a shock, immediate medical attention should be sought and the power supply authority notified.

Electric shocks must be treated seriously as such faults/issues within the household could lead to other serious hazards.

An electrical contractor should be engaged to check over the electrical system. The outlet or switch should be examined as well as the wiring by PWA Electrical Services.

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Poor wiring

Poor wiring can increase the chance of electrical accidents, whether that be worn or split or corroded with age. Wiring that has been chewed by vermin, or pinched wiring in the corner of a door or cupboard could create potential accidents such as a fire or may cause electric shocks. Don’t overload your plug or your extension lead as it could cause overheating.

Common Electrical Problems In The Home

Light switches and bulbs

Light switches shouldn’t buzz or be hot to the touch. If either of these are occurring, it could be an indication of faulty wiring or a loose connection on the switch and will need the expertise of a qualified electrician.

Flickering lights could also be a poor connection or bad wiring. If your bulbs burn out frequently, and they are in the ceiling or recessed area, check they are housed correctly and not in direct contact with insulation.

Many downlights are equipped with safety devices that cut out power when they get too hot, so check you haven’t fitted a bulb which is too high.

Have you ever been in a house when you lose electricity? If there’s no storm happening outside, it could be that your circuit breaker is tripping because power boards are overloaded. Remove items which are plugged in needlessly like phone chargers to remove the number of amps running through.

If a circuit breaker keeps on tripping repetitively, it could be faulty appliances causing the trip.

The ones to watch out for are usually smaller appliances like kettles or hair dryers.

Circuit overload

If that doesn’t work, you might have a short in the wiring and that will need to be tackled by a qualified electrician.

Safety around the home is paramount, and electricians undergo years of training to deal with faults.

You can easily check your light bulbs have the right wattage but any serious or unexplained issues involving electricity should be dealt with by a qualified electrician.

We have a team of expert electricians at PWA Electrical Services and have nothing but five-star reviews on Google. We can visit you anywhere in Perth and are available 24/7 so why not call us if you need assistance?