In need of trusted, fully licensed and highly experienced electricians in Bedford who won’t charge you an arm and a leg? Then luckily for you, there’s PWA Electrical Services.

We’re affordable electricians but we’ll never be the cheapest. Good quality labour is hard to find and simply costs a bit more. We save time and your money by being experienced electricians with strong abilities to fault find quickly.



With electrical work, there’s a lot of things that you don’t see happening – up in roofs and behind walls.

At PWA Electrical Services, we take pride in what we do whether it’s visible or not. Making sure that all wiring is performed neatly, securely and safely helps to ensure the longevity of our work.

And when it comes to fixtures and fittings, we don’t cut costs. We only use tried and tested parts from manufacturers that back these products up with generous Australian warranties. Our golden rule is; if it wouldn’t go in our homes, it won’t find its way into yours!


Based just 10 minutes away from Bedford (in Malaga), PWA Electrical Services technicians know Bedford inside and out – and that makes a huge difference.
Our local knowledge isn’t just knowing where the best coffee is (although, that is important). Having local knowledge of the typical electrical configurations of houses found in the area provides a huge advantage before one our skilled electricians have even stepped foot on your property.

No matter the issue you’re facing in your Bedford home, we’ve likely seen it before and know exactly what to do. At PWA Electrical Services, we handle the “tricky jobs” with ease!

Whether you need an emergency electrician, maintenance or upgrades around the home such as LED lighting or extra power points, you can trust PWA Electrical Services to do the job right, first time, and charge reasonable rates for quality work.

pwa electrical services Bedford


When you hire PWA Electrical Services, we know you’ve got us around to solve problems, not create them.

When in and around your home, our Perth electricians will always try not to tread dirt through your home, be careful on your roof to not break any tiles, not leave doors open if you have pets in the house and to clean up any mess made where it was unavoidable like when we’re drilling through walls.


You can rely on the emergency electricians at PWA Electrical Services whether it’s the early hours of the morning or late at night, any day of the week.

Whilst we have an after-hours surcharge, like all other electricians, we keep ours reasonable and never take advantage of your situation. If the job isn’t that urgent and can wait until morning to be performed at a lower hourly rate, we’ll always let you know and give you that option.

Our business has grown over the years by doing the right thing by people, who know that they can trust us with their electrical repairs, maintenance and upgrades regardless of their urgency or postcode. We look at every job that we perform as an opportunity to win a customer for life.



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For the simple and straightforward stuff, we’re fine with giving over the phone quotes for your convenience.

Not sure what your electrical issue is or how to explain what you need done around the house? Don’t worry, we know you’re not the electrical expert (that’s our job!). PWA Electrical Services fully qualified and experienced electricians are happy to help figure out what’s going on with you.

Phone us to get a PWA Electrical Services electrician to your door, so find out why we’re one of Perth’s fastest growing electrical companies for yourself!