RCD Installation Perth

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is an electrical safety device that monitors and disconnects power in case of a ground fault or leakage current, ensuring safety by preventing electrical shocks and fires.

At PWA Electrical Services, our electricians provide RCD installation and RCD replacement for residential homes, safeguarding your property against electrical hazards and enhancing overall safety.

RCD Installation
rdc installation and repairs
Protect Your Property With Professional RCD Installation

Safety Switch Installation Perth

RCD Switch Replacement & Repair for Residential Homes

RCDs play a crucial role in protecting your property’s electrical system against power faults and reduces the risk of electrical hazards and damage to your electrical appliances and wiring.

Having a functioning RCD is essential for maintaining a safe and secure electrical environment in your home for the following reasons:

  • RCDs provide immediate protection from electric shocks and prevent electrical fires.
  • A minimum of two functional RCDs is required when renting or selling a house.
  • RCD safety switches are also required on other items such as newly installed ovens and air conditioning units. Our team can advise where RCDs are required.


Whether you need a new RCD switch installed or your existing RCD replaced, rely on our expert electricians at PWA Electrical Services for precise and accurate work, guaranteeing the safety of your electrical system and property.


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