June 25, 2019

Is Being An Electrician Dangerous?

Author:  Mitchell Burns

We are constantly being reminded about the dangers associated with electricity – electricians are listed in the top ten most dangerous jobs list.

They are unsung heroes because they put their lives on the line every day through the course of their work and generally don’t get much recognition.

Is Being An Electrician Dangerous?

What are the risks?

Electricity is a power source. All electricians need to have undergone strict training and follow correct health and safety procedures, being aware of potential dangers.

While electricians can be involved in various work, each setting will bring its own hazards. There’s the risk of electrical burns and fatal shocks and being exposed to extreme temperatures.

They may also face fire and explosions, exposure to lead, solvents and toxic chemicals. Tools and equipment can be hazardous, along with working with knives, cutting power leads and electric tools.

Is Being An Electrician Dangerous?

Electrical shocks

Receiving an electrical shock is potentially the biggest danger of an electrician.

This is when an electrical current goes through your body. Ampere is the unit of electric current, and when someone is in contact with a large current, moving electrons transfer into your body causing extensive damage.

It can result in severe burns, breathing difficulties and may affect the rhythm of the heart, even causing a cardiac arrest. An electric shock could well burn the skin and the internal organs leaving someone with long-term damage.

They may struggle with burn scars, seizures, headaches, nerve damage and memory loss.

People survive if they receive an electric shock, but if it’s a massive shock and results in an electrocution then it will lead to death.

Is Being An Electrician Dangerous?

Take precautions

Electrocutions are relatively rare.

This is because the electric force or amps have to be so great in order to kill, that usually exceeds what most electric and wiring devices can deliver. Serious major electric shocks are not common with the most frequent occurring when wires are damaged, or power tools broken.

Anyone who touches someone who is being electrocuted can become part of that circuit as well.

Electricity and water – a dangerous combination

Most of us are aware, that you should never mix water and electricity. Water is a great conductor because of the impurities and chemicals dissolved in it. It means electricity can pass through water and through to you.

All electrical appliances should be kept away from water, and hands should be kept dry. You should never use water on an electrical fire, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher should be used instead.

According to the National Coronial Information System in Australia, statistics show that most electrocutions occur among young males in a domestic house. There are approximately twenty deaths from electrocutions every year. More than half of them take place when these people are employed to undertake work.

Electricians undergo years of training and have extensive knowledge and are well-aware of any risks.

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