August 12, 2019

Do Electricians Install Air Conditioners?

Author:  Brad Wilson

Perth’s summer can be notoriously harsh, with the sun beating down and temperatures reaching above hundred degrees.

A dip in the pool or a swim in the sea, can help you to survive the summer season, but in the home, you’ll be thankful for a good air conditioning system.

We’re living in an age where people jump online and watch a video to do any fix-it jobs around the house.

While you may think it’s both cheap and satisfying to do any DIY yourself, when it comes to anything electrical, especially the installation or repair of an air-conditioning unit, you need to leave it to the fully trained experts.

How To Get An Electrical Apprenticeship In Perth

Get professional service

You need to choose a qualified, licensed air-conditioning electrician or technician. A professional in this area will mean your unit is installed fast and efficiently.

Choosing a builder or someone who is not specialised could result in a multitude of problems including bad wiring and poor installation.

Air conditioners use refrigeration to chill indoor air and contain refrigerants which can release large amounts of fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

For this reason, an electrician or technician specialising in the installation of air conditioning units must hold a licence certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). It’s known as an ARC Refrigeration Handling Licence.

Air conditioners contain refrigerants that can release large amounts of dangerous fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. It’s a legal requirement for anyone working in air conditioning and refrigeration to hold an ARC Licence and undergo accredited training.

Do Electricians Install Air Conditioners?

Installing an air conditioning unit

A qualified electrician or technician, experienced in air conditioning systems, will also have the knowledge to know where a split-system air conditioning unit should be placed to maximise durability and energy efficiency. It’s only natural you’ll want to get the most out of your new air conditioning investment, so it needs to be installed in an appropriate place.

The electrician can advise on the best size split-system unit for your requirements, and this will depend on your room, layout, orientation, roofing insulation and number of windows in the room. Hot air rises and cool air sinks to the bottom of each room, so having your air conditioner fitted in the right position will help to ensure air circulates evenly.

The outdoor unit should be mounted or placed on a concrete slab so that it has plenty of free space to allow for airflow. It needs to be installed in a place so that it’s easy to maintain should any issues arise.

Do Electricians Install Air Conditioners?

ARC approved

If you’re thinking of installing a split-system air conditioning unit, make sure your electrician has the ARC tick of approval which means they are qualified to safely handle refrigerant gases.

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