August 21, 2019

How To Get An Electrical Apprenticeship In Perth

Author:  Nick Celenza

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, it’s a great opportunity to ‘earn, while you learn.’

There are many reasons to want to become an electrician, it’s a secure trade which will always be in demand, and you can pursue different types of roles which makes the job varied and interesting.

Classroom based learning isn’t for everyone and that’s what makes an apprenticeship so rewarding, as you’re able to gain hands-on experience from professionals.

Securing an electrical apprenticeship may seem daunting, but it is quite straight forward and there are plenty available. The Australian Government has lots of information about apprenticeships as well as the Australian Apprenticeships Pathway website.

How To Get An Electrical Apprenticeship In Perth

The value of an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship will include classroom education and on the job training where’ll you be supervised with a fully qualified, experienced licensed electrician. You’ll learn everything from basic electrical wiring to testing and repairing more complex electrical systems, so you can apply your skills whatever job you’re faced with as an electrician.

How To Get An Electrical Apprenticeship In Perth

Pre-apprenticeship course

The best way to meet an electrical apprenticeship requirement is to complete an electrical pre-apprenticeship course. These are available at TAFE colleges or through training providers and there are plenty available throughout Perth. It’s a 12-week course where you’ll learn core skills such as reading electrical plans, installing and terminating electrical equipment, and wiring and fitting power points and light switches.

These courses run throughout the year, so you can start at a time which suits you. Undertaking a pre-apprenticeship program will demonstrate to employers that you are dedicated and experienced about your chosen industry.

How To Get An Electrical Apprenticeship In Perth

Pre-selection assessment test

If you already have an understanding about electrical work through previous experience, then a pre-selection assessment test will demonstrate your language, literacy and numeracy skills to take up an electrical apprenticeship role. This is an industry-recognised test which proves you have the potential to make a good electrician.

This online test takes place at a trade school, there are different time dates and time slots, so you can complete it at the weekend as well as during the week.

Finding an employer

The final piece of the apprenticeship journey is to find an employer who will take you on. Once you have created a strong resume which lists your achievements and experiences, you can start your search. The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network has been set up to support apprentices and trainees, and you can find a potential employer and training organisation so you can become fully qualified.

There are two ways you can be employed as an apprentice or trainee – directly as an employee of the company and you’ll receive on the job training, or with a group training organisation, also referred to as a GTO and you can find one by using this directory.

Both require you to enter into a training contract which will be registered with the State government, but the group training organisation will handle all the administration related to that training contract.

Sometimes you may come across opportunities using online job boards such as SEEK, Adzuna and INDEED. Of course, don’t forget to use your own network too, ask your family and friends if anyone needs an apprentice.

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