February 11, 2020

Why Do Electricians Wear Rubber Gloves While Working?

Author:  Kirk Lam

Electricity is invisible – you can’t see it, hear it or smell it, which means it’s difficult to know when you may be facing danger.

With electric safety, knowledge is power and that’s especially true with electric power. When working with electricity, you can never be over-protected, so safety clothing should be worn as a preventative measure from electrical shocks and burns.

One of the most important items for electricians to wear are rubber insulated gloves which act as a barrier against electric shocks.

What happens to your body during an electrical shock?

Electric current can pass through your body when you are in contact with a source of electricity which has a high current. This current can give you a small tingling sensation and a large current load may lead to severe burns, brain injury and even death from electrocution.

Someone can be fatally electrocuted because their body has become an active electrical circuit with the power and intensity of the currents which can damage your nervous system, organs and even resulting in a heart attack.

Why Do Electricians Wear Rubber Gloves While Working?

Why rubber gloves?

Rubber doesn’t conduct electricity which means it’s a reliable type of protection against shock. Rubber is a natural insulator and unlike plenty of other materials which act as conductors, it will stop electric currents from travelling through your skin.

In order to be effective, the rubber used for safety rubber gloves must be made from 100% rubber, with no damage. A mixed rubber material won’t be fit for purpose and fail to offer protection against an unwanted electrical incident.

Household gloves used for washing-up are not fully rubber, extra materials are used in their processing to make them more comfortable and hardwearing. Don’t for one second think that kitchen rubber gloves are a good replacement as they’re not!

Why Do Electricians Wear Rubber Gloves While Working?

Rubber gloves and leather protectors

There are two sperate components to rubber gloves – namely the rubber insulating gloves and leather protectors. The leather protector needs to be shorter than the glove itself, so it fits snuggly inside the rubber glove.

While the rubber glove insulates workers from the hazards of electricity, the leather protection offers a heavyweight layer, protecting hands from cuts and abrasions, and is often called the ‘mechanical protection’.

Both the rubber gloves and leather protectors need to fit comfortably as they’re worn day-in-day out by electricians. Most are manufactured with a natural curve so it’s easier for someone to hold tools while on the job.

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