April 2, 2020

Are Perth Electricians Operating During COVID-19?

Author:  Kirk Lam

PWA Electrical Services are still operating at full capacity during COVID-19 and are not impacted by current trade restrictions.

That means anything from emergency electrical services to upgrades around the house

Of course we are calmly, but vigilantly, taking every measure we can to limit risks and protect both our electricians and homeowners. We want to do our bit to help stop the spread in the community where we live and work.

Are Perth Electricians Operating During COVID-19?
Are Perth Electricians Operating During COVID-19?

Extra precautions that PWA Electrical Services are currently taking include:

  • Pre entry questionnaire to the home owner. Asking the relevant Covid – 19 questions on anyone in the home having travelled abroad in the last 30 days. This includes being within contact with someone having travelled overseas not residing in the home etc.
  • Updated cleaning procedures and practices. Cleaning all work areas and surrounds by our attending tradesman before and after.
  • Customers are provided documentation of our cleaning products used within the home for peace of mind.
  • All staff have been issued disposable gloves to use whilst cleaning and conducting their work.
  • Social distancing regulations are still in force for our clients/occupiers and attending tradesman.


We understand that some customers who are not as concerned about the threat of COVID-19 feel inconvenienced by these extra precautions, but ask for understanding as our electricians have to attend many different households and have legitimate concerns over what they potentially face bringing home to their family members as a result of working during this period.

As always, we look forward to working with you and can provide indicative quotes over the phone to limit the need of an electrician turning up unnecessarily.