June 16, 2020

Is Being An Electrician Hard On Your Body?

Author:  Mitchell Burns

There are plenty of reasons to want to train to become an electrician including a good salary, great prospects, and varied work. Anyone considering this trade probably believes it will take a toll on your body because it’s quite physical. While there are elements which make it strenuous, the answer is not as clear cut as you may expect.

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An active job

There’s no doubt that being an electrician will keep you active, moving around and lifting items will certainly keep you in shape. It’s better for your health than being sat stationery for long periods of time slumped over a computer and desk.

An electrician will spend a fair amount of his time, in uncomfortable positions, crouching and bending, squeezing into small spaces as well as navigating tight corners, it’s not a job for anyone who may feel claustrophobic. Every day an electrician will be expected to lift sections of electrical conduit and pulling cables which can be fairly heavy. Going up and down scaffolding and ladders may improve balance but lifting and carrying large items may put a strain on the lower back. Some cables can weigh as much as 33kg because they’re extremely long.

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Protective clothing

Wearing protective clothing can help. It’s often said, ‘protection is better than cure’ and it’s important to take measures to prevent any long-term injuries. Protective gear – does just that – protects your body.

Electricians should always wear protective shoes, safety goggles, a hard hat and invest in a good pair of ear plugs and knee pads. While most of an electrician’s day will be busy, they’ll also spend lots of time standing around.

Research shows that you burn more calories standing than sitting, but of course it can still be tiring on your feet.

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Keeping health in check

Electricians must be adept at managing stress as they may have to juggle roles and meet specific time constraints to complete their work.

As with any role, electricians should be vigilant about taking regular breaks and not indulging in anything which over-exerts themselves, especially if they’re working in projects in extreme heat.

Electricians can do a lot to help themselves and while an electrician’s job does involve physical strength, machines and power tools have replaced a lot of the hard graft work that used to be done manually.

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