August 27, 2020

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself In Australia?

Author:  Brad Wilson

One in every five households in Australia now has solar panels which are helping people to bring down the cost of electricity bills. Perth has more sunshine than any other Australian city which means that solar panels are perfect for homes on the Western coast. But if you’re a DIY enthusiast, don’t go thinking you can put them on your roof, you might just want to leave that project on the shelf.

There’s strict guidance about solar panels and self-installation is a definite no-go. Installing solar is more complicated than you think, it’s not as easy as sticking heavy panels on a roof which face the sunlight and plugging in some wires.

Time to shed some light on solar panels and how to install them. Join the millions of others who’ve benefitted and enjoy a ray of happiness seeing your energy charges drop.

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself In Australia?
Can I Install Solar Panels Myself In Australia?

Accreditation counts

Solar power involves electricity and DC currents, so there are huge safety risks if things go wrong. In order to sell the electricity back to the grid and receive government rebates, legislation dictates that you’ll need a licensed electrician. They need to be accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to complete the set up and make the connection. The CEC is Australia’s national peak body for solar and renewable energy and regulates the clean energy industries. To date CEC has accredited 7,000 solar installers.

Of course, if you want to go with a non-accredited electrician to install your panels you can, but you won’t receive rebates and be connected to the grid so there’ll be no financial gain.

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself In Australia?

Minimise hazards

The potential hazards when working with electricity are enormous. Solar systems produce high voltage DC electricity which if handled incorrectly can cause death by electrocution.

Inverters are a key component of a solar system and once connected, convert DC electricity into friendly 240V AC electricity. An electrician accredited by CEC will have undergone specialist training and will be able to install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems. They’ll work to a standard so that systems are safe, reliable and meet recognised requirements.

They’ll also be familiar with harnesses and roof anchors to perform tasks at height so there’s minimal risk of falling or suffering an accident.

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself In Australia?

Don’t get burnt out

Installing solar is labour intensive and technically complex. High voltage wiring is required and solar panels which are not hooked up correctly can lead to a power surge, damage your inverter and burning down your property. All roofs have a load bearing ability, and should be assessed before placing the weight of solar panels on them.

The cost of solar panels have come down which means there’s no reason you can’t call in an accredited electrician for your solar panel installation. It’s a big safety risk if you try to install them yourself and could also void your product warranties, home insurance, rebates offered and feed in tariffs.

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