October 28, 2020

Do You Need To Be An Electrician To Change A Socket?

Author:  Brad Wilson

Australia is a nation of DIY lovers, but as much as you think you can change an electricity socket, it really is something you should never attempt to try. As a kid you may have built an amateur radio with an electronics kit, but now you’re an adult electrical work should be off your radar.

There are hefty financial penalties which vary from state to state for anyone attempting to do illegal electricity work. Electricians undergo extensive training and must be fully licensed to do the work they do. Don’t think for one minute that your skills are on a par with these tradies.

Do You Need To Be An Electrician To Change A Socket?
Do You Need To Be An Electrician To Change A Socket?

It’s the law

Installing a power socket or adding extra power points is relatively easy, but all wiring needs to be professionally done. Australia has a strict set of laws governing electrical equipment work. This includes connecting electricity, inspecting and installation.

The 2002 Electrical Safety Act clearly states that electrical work such as installing, testing, repairing, and replacing electrical equipment must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

If you attempt your own electrical work, there’s the risk of an electrical shock or a fire which could result in injury or death. DIY electrical work will impact your home insurance and if you damage your property while undertaking illegal electrical work, any claim against your policy will be null and void. If you’re wondering what you can and can’t do, here’s the guidance.

What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?

What you can do

  • Changing blown light bulbs
  • Replacing LED downlights
  • Replacing a drive belt in a washing machine
  • Fitting but not connecting an oven
  • Installing garden lighting and pond pumps
  • Installing battery operated smoke detectors
Do You Need To Be An Electrician To Change A Socket?

What you can’t do

  • Change a socket
  • Repair a faulty electrical appliance
  • Replace a light switch or fitting
  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Replace a plug on a lead
  • Construct an extension lead
  • Replace a batten holder with a new light fitting
Why electricians are licensed

It can be satisfying completing tasks around the home and knowing that it was your own handiwork, but when it comes to electricity there’s very little you can do. While your eyes may light up seeing the shelves full of electrical goods at your local Bunnings, while you can buy it, you won’t be able to install it. There’s a very strict limit on what you’re able to do.

A qualified electrician is fully trained and has a duty to perform electrical tasks that meet legal requirements. They will also hold public liability insurance to provide protection in case anyone sustains an injury, or the property gets damaged.

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