October 28, 2020

What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?

Author:  Mitchell Burns

Across Australia, at weekends and on public holidays, people devote hours renovating and doing DIY jobs. While it’s easy to build flat pack furniture and retile your kitchen, be warned of the consequences of doing any electrical work yourself.

What you’re doing is probably illegal. By law, only qualified, licensed electricians can do work which involves electricity because of the dangers and hazards it poses.

There are very few jobs that you can do yourself. While you may want to impress others with your talents as a handyman or handywoman, the electrical work that you can complete is very limited.

What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?
What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?

Change a fuse

Replacing a blown or broken fuse is a relatively small task. If you’ve never changed a fuse before, check it’s the right one. Fuses have different amperages, so don’t exceed the rating and turn off the power as you replace it.

What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?

Changing blown light bulbs

There are many lightbulb jokes around to, wait for it, brighten up your day. Bulbs are very easy to replace but make sure the switch is turned off. Grab the bulb, push it up slightly and turn it anti-clockwise so it’s released from the socket. Then twist the replacement in. The most hazardous element of changing a lightbulb is probably ensuring that you don’t fall off the ladder!

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Battery operated smoke detectors

Hard-wired or mains powered smoke detectors have batteries which will emit a bleeping noise if they ever need replacing. Changing this battery, which will lose power over time, is something you’re permitted to do. The battery exists as a back-up in case of a power failure.

What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself In Australia?

Low voltage garden lighting

Nearly all outdoor lighting is low voltage meaning it’s safe and easy enough for any handy homeowner to install. It’s simple to do – just lay the cable, then connect the cable to a transformer, turn them on and see those LED lights shine.

Other DIY

Australian law says you can also install pond pumps, replace a drive belt in a washing machine, fit an electrical wall oven but not connect it. You’re able to create openings for air conditioning units but not install them yourself. For most electrical jobs, you’ll need a qualified licensed electrician.

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