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Good electricians that are trustworthy, reliable and affordable are hard to come by. Luckily, if you’re looking for Darch electricians who are switched on and ready to help you out – there’s PWA Electrical Services.

Darch electrician
Darch electrician

Electricians You'll Love

All our electricians at PWA Electrical Services are carefully hand-picked to become a part of the team. Not only do they have to be clever sparks with all this electrical stuff but be highly professional and get the little stuff right.

Little stuff like asking to come in, rather than just walking straight in as soon as you open the door. Or taking off their boots or covering them to not tread dirt through your home that you no doubt work hard to keep clean. And if they make a mess whilst drilling through walls or pulling wiring through your roof, they clean up as best as they can.

It’s the little stuff that most of our customers, who have been with us from the very beginning appreciate – and we’re sure you will too!

For added peace of mind, our Perth electricians are all Police Cleared. Most importantly, they all pass the PWA Electrical Services good bloke test (and that means something!).

Local Knowledge That Matters

Our guys are always attending jobs in Darch, passing through it or working on a home or business in neighbouring suburbs. It’s that continued presence that has given our team a strong local knowledge of Darch.

Having a strong local knowledge of the area our electricians, know exactly what type of electrical setups are common to houses that were built in the area.

Depending on the area and when houses were built, some of the electrics can get a bit tricky. Especially when trying to meet the demands of most modern homes, running countless appliances day and night.

Having seen just about every different configuration in Darch before, it makes fault-finding and knowing exactly how to tackle any electrical repairs, maintenance or upgrades a breeze. This means our electricians get straight to work sooner, saving us time and saving you money.



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Whatever the time or day, PWA Electrical Services can help you.
As we’ve likely got an electrician in Darch, or close by, if it’s an emergency, we’ll be there ASAP.

Not sure exactly what your electrical issue is? Or how to explain to us the upgrades that you want around the house? Don’t worry, it’s our job to be electricians, not yours – whichever electrician you talk to on the phone, he will be able to walk through your needs with you.

For an obligation free, indicative quote over the phone, get in touch with PWA Electrical Services on (08) 9209 2990 now!