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We should all be fans of fans. A well-chosen and fitted fan in your home can keep the air fresh, cool and dry and whether your home is open-plan or a series of enclosed rooms, the correct placement of fans can make the atmosphere healthier and more pleasant.

Exhaust fans are a small wonder of engineering as they do a fantastic job of keeping your house dry, clean, and smelling fresh. Lingering cooking odours are always unwelcome guests in an open plan house, but the right exhaust fan in your kitchen space will make short work of even the strongest food smells.

If you suffer from asthma or chest problems, you’ll appreciate how a decent exhaust fan removes steam and moisture from your toilet, bathroom and kitchen, keeping the air dry and healthy and reducing damp and condensation problems.

In our Western Australian climate, summer heat can make our homes uncomfortable, day or night. A ceiling fan is an effective and low-cost solution to keep cool on the hottest days and are affordable enough to be fitted in bedrooms to ensure a good night’s sleep even in the most extreme weather.

Ceiling fans are energy-efficient because even the largest 56-inch blade fans use no more than 100 watts of power and save up to 40 per cent power compared to air conditioning. As well as circulating air around to make it feel fresher, your skin feels six to eight degrees cooler because the fan’s breeze increases the evaporation of moisture on your body.

From classic ceiling fan and light combinations, to modern statement designs, the right ceiling fan can be a stylish enhancement to any living space. PWA Electrical Services in Perth can advise on a wide range of fans, and our qualified and licensed electricians can fit your new fan at your convenience.

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