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If you’re looking to update your home, then redecoration isn’t the only solution. Sometimes, it’s the smaller changes that can make the biggest impact.

A lot can be achieved with the right light fittings, from stunning transformations to the look and feel of a room to the improvement in everyday functionality, such as having lights fitting from the wall beside the bed rather than taking up room on the besides tables.

Whatever grand plans you have envisioned for your home’s lighting, PWA Electrical Services are the Perth electricians who can turn those ideas into reality.

Helping You With Your Bright Ideas

If you’ve bought a home built before the 2000’s, chances are your home is full of dated lighting choices like a central light on the bottom of a ceiling fan, or wall lamps that barely do the job to adequately light the rooms up at night without lots of shadows and dark spots.

Fortunately, it can all be changed with a swift phone call to PWA Electrical Services.

Whether you’ve already got the light fittings sitting at home ready to be installed or you need some assistance in selecting the right lighting options for your home, we’re here to help.

A World Of Options

Feature lighting is the perfect way to set the scene for a social gathering, and adjustable dimmable lights have the versatility to illuminate any type of party. Remote controlled lighting levels are easily changed at the touch of a button or by an app on your phone.

Lighting can make a strong statement, with designer engineered fittings which are deliberately imposing, draw the eye to sculptural detail and can dominate a room. Sparing use of statement lighting can create conversation pieces and focal points while reducing the need for any further decoration. For a subtle effect, recessed lights can either work in an array to illuminate a whole room, or used singly, can open up alcoves and shine a light on features such as artworks or ornaments.

If you have a high ceiling, you might want to consider fitting a chandelier. These come in either traditional or modern styles and add a touch of luxury and focus to define a space, such as over a dining table or seating area.

For hallways, kitchens and long spaces, track and wire lighting are both flexible and stylish solutions providing even coverage and adjustable brightness, which can be angled in almost unlimited ways. Spotlights are a supplementary lighting option which draws the eye to one area, and can be used with coloured bulbs to create special effects.

Another popular lighting choice to modernise homes is LED lighting, which our Perth electricians can install to ensure you get the maximum energy saving benefits and that your existing electrical systems can adequately handle the upgrade.

Once you start looking into lighting options, you’ll find that there are as many variables as your imagination allows. Speak to PWA Electrical Services about what you’d like to achieve and we’ll will help you come up with a plan to make your home stand out from the crowd.

For all of your home or commercial light fitting installations, call PWA Electrical Services now on (08) 9209 2990.

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