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Chances are, when your house was built, it wasn’t built with the foresight to know of the electrical demands of today.

With at least one smartphone per household that needs charging every day, the WiFi router, Alexa/Google Home – even homes built just a few years ago are overloading their existing power points with multi-socket power boards.

Just Point Where You Want It

Where you need or want extra power points in your home is entirely up to you. Wherever you need them, we can install them.

It’s a simple thing, but having ample power points everywhere that you need them throughout your day to day use makes life easier.

Perhaps you just need your power points moved, which is a common request. It could be to accommodate for taller skirting boards, or you’ve changed the position of your furniture and need access to power points on another wall.

We can even upgrade your old, aged looking power points to newer looking models to add those little touches that spruce up your home. Perhaps you would prefer black power points, or power points with in-built USB charging ports.

You may also require a discreet, hidden power point in the middle of the room or to the side of a kitchen island. Need outdoors power points? That’s easy, too!

What’s The Point?

When too many power boards, extension cords and multi-plugs are in play, there is a very real risk of overloading your electrical circuits.

Then, you’ve got the unsightly extension cords which, apart from being a trip hazard, are not designed to be used as a permeant solution.

Being able to plug directly into the wall socket makes sense.

We all want to just plug and play, but there are some things that you shouldn’t play with. No work should ever be done on your home electrics unless the work is performed by a licensed electrician or registered electrical contractor (R.E.C.). Not only is it unsafe but it’s also illegal. So, trust PWA Electrical Services to do a good job at a fair price.

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PWA Electrical Services has 30 years’ experience in this field and our professional electricians can design and install your power point arrangement, whether for a new build or an existing house. We have access to all the latest models, both indoor and outdoor, and all our work complies with Australian Electrical Standards.

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