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For quality electrical work at fair prices in Warwick, look no further than PWA Electrical Services.

Whilst we are affordable, we’re certainly not the cheapest electricians Perth has to offer.

That’s because we don’t cut costs where it matters.

And what matters is highly-trained and experienced electricians and reliable parts, fixtures and fittings that are backed by Australian warranties that we know aren’t going to let our workmanship down.

But we are cost-effective, meaning that you can relax knowing that if a PWA Electrical Services electrician has been on the job, it has been fixed right the first time and is unlikely to be an issue again.

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Developed in the late 1960’s, most of the original homes built in Warwick come standard with outdated electrics that struggle to cope with the demands of most modern households.

With local electricians who have performed electrical work on countless Warwick homes, we usually know what we’re dealing with before we’ve even stepped foot in your home.

This local knowledge means that we spend less time on the job fault-finding and getting straight to fixing the problem which saves us time, saving you money.

It’s not always about repairing what’s broken, either. Every time a new power point or new light fitting is installed, it’s adding more load to your service panel.

The team at PWA Electrical Services will always check your existing infrastructure to make sure it can confidently handle your requested upgrades and provide you with solutions if it looks like it could cause issues.

It’s this up-front and honest approach that not only helps us avoid headaches later down the track but it keeps our customers coming back and referring us to their friends, family and colleagues.

WE'RE ON 24/7

Just like your electricity should be.

It’s only when the power goes out, we realise just how dependant we are on having a constant supply of electricity available.

Our phones need to be charged for the next day, our Wi-Fi needs powering, the food needs continual refrigeration and being able to cook is out for those of us without gas cooktops.

Not to mention we have almost no idea how to entertain ourselves without technology!

If your power is out whilst everyone else in the street is tuning in to the latest episode of whatever cooking show is hot right now, give PWA Electrical Services a call on (08) 9209 2990.

Based in Malaga, we’re only a short drive away from Warwick.

With vans that are always fully stocked and with after-hours electricians ready to tackle just about any electrical nightmare, we’ll get your power back on in no time!



Enquire now and chat with one of our friendly team members.

For the simple and straightforward stuff, we’re always happy to give a quote over the phone.

And we’ll happily give an estimated price frame for things that aren’t quite clear cut.

If you’re unsure what issues you’re facing or how to explain what upgrades you want done around the house, no worries.

Everyone who answers the phones at PWA Electrical Services want to help you out and know that you’re not an electrician (that’s our job).

So, get in touch for an obligation free, over the phone quote or call us now on (08) 9209 2990.